What’s WOAW?

Our goal: Introduce girls to flying and aviation.

As part of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW) 2018,  pilots Dianna Stanger and Ronnie Bogart are hosting a spectacular opportunity for girls and women of all ages in Loveland, CO to take an exciting free ride in a private airplane or helicopter during the Fly It Forward Challenge®!

Thanks to dual rated pilot, Yasmina Platt for helping to organize educational booths where individuals and groups can learn about the history of women in aviation, find out what training is needed to fly an aircraft, and explore the many great career paths in aviation available for females.

Dianna and her team have participated in the Fly It Forward® Challenge since 2011 and have flown over 2,400 girls and women of all ages at 4 different airports — and this year they’re coming to Loveland!

The Fly It Forward® Challenge

Nothing is real until it is experienced. Most pilots owe their start in aviation to another pilot who noticed their interest and offered them a ‘ride’.

Fly It Forward® is a call of action to all pilots to extend the tradition to girls and women. During Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, pilots are invited to give girls and women who have never flown in a small aircraft previously, a first flight experience. The goal of Fly It Forward® is to spark aviation vocations among the female population.

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