1,700 Girls & Women Flown

2018 Fly WOAW Colorado
took the top 4 awards worldwide!


Northern Colorado Regional Airport awarded
“Most Female Friendly Airport Worldwide”
Dianna Stanger awarded
“Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide”
Rick Turley awarded
“Most Supportive Male Pilot Worldwide”
Ronnie Bogart awarded
“Most Productive Organizer Worldwide”


2018 Fly WOAW Pilots took
9 out of 10 top pilots stats

1. Dianna Stanger,
2. Debby Rihn-Harvey,
3. Susan Wolber,
4. Rick Turley,
5. Donald Poncelow,
7. Steve Zimmermann,
8. Jan McKenzie,
9. Bob Proulx,
10. Russ Reed

Free First Flights

Are you ready to participate in the Fly It Forward® Challenge?

March 5 – 11, 2018

What’s WOAW like?


We get a ton of FAQs…

  1. Is there an age requirement for the event?
  2. Is it an all day event? How long will the flight take?
  3. How early do I need to arrive?
  4. I have another friend who may want to come along, does she need to register also?
  5. Am I able to bring a cell phone or camera?
  6. I won’t be able to make it, should I let the event organizer know?

and many more…

Frequently Asked Questions


Ready to go for it? Here is an opportunity that can help.
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The scholarship deadline is fast approaching! April 30th is the last day to turn in your application for the Future Woman Pilot Scholarship. $2000 could be yours to help finish your training! Visit h...

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We are a ending out Fly WOAW t-shirt orders. Limited quantities so get your order in! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Northern Colorado Regional Airport Commissioners presented us with certificates and gifts of appreciation today. What an honor it has been to work with such an amazing community and its leaders. ... See MoreSee Less

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I just met a girl who flew with us at Fly WOAW. She was at the local flight school, The Flying School signing up for their aviation camp this sumner. She confirmed that our event impacted her and made her want to fly more than ever before! Yay. It’s working!! ... See MoreSee Less

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We need your help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated — we need pilots and volunteers. Both men and women are able to fly in the Fly It Forward Challenge®. There are prizes for pilots and volunteers, anytime that you can assist is worthwhile in the mission to promote women in aviation and help to increase the number of female pilots which only represent 6% of the total pilot licenses.

If you are not a pilot and are willing to volunteer we would love to have your help!

This event is a very important opportunity to help expand the number of female pilots and aviation awareness to the public, Del Sol Aviation and Calhoun Air Center are proud to sponsor the challenge.

If you’d like to volunteer please contact: Ronnie Bogart at 480.399.0242 or